My Lifestyle What I Like the Most

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Introduction To My Lifestyle

My Lifestyle What I Like the Most. What is lifestyle. It is just the way a person lives. I Mr. Sayantan Dey, like a lifestyle and live accordingly what I like. Your lifestyle should be like the way you like to live. When we go against our will except health, we are living under bondage lifestyle.

Never Compromise on Health

The very first thing you need to add in your lifestyle is health. Because health is wealth. Without the fitness of the body, nobody can enjoy rest of lifestyle. Keeping yourself fit, you need to compulsory add exercise in your daily routine. Because it will boost your day with charms and strength. Hence, never compromise or take a chance over health and fitness.

Add Proper Diet In Your Meal

Breakfast like a King, Lunch like an ordinary man, Dinner like a beggar. While workout take proper diet like oats, boil eggs etc. Never ever skip your breakfast, because it is your fuel (Strength). Breakfast like a king means, allow a heavy diet food only in the first hour of your day before you start work. It, will boost your energy for entire day.

Breakfast Like King purpose of the image to show the article picture
Breakfast Like A King

Lunch like an ordinary man. Always prefer ordinary lunch, which helps your digestive system well. As few hours left for the working. Leave something for evening snacks right. Enjoy your evening, well with friends and family with snacks.

Lunch like Ordinary Man

Dinner like a beggar. There should be scarcity during your dinner meal. Because you need to digest food with minimum 8 hours rest. Which is the longest gap in the meal. That is the reason the next morning meal is used to say break the fast. Having simple and less meal during dinner will keep you fit and gives you sound sleep.

Dinner Like Beggar

Balance Your Mental Health

Our mental health is well controlled from our head. A HEAD is head of the department (HOD) of your entire body. Our mental heath is controlling our entire body. Never allow stress to your brain. It is not good for health. A stress need to divert through break and travel. Have a fun conversation with your colleagues, friends and family to balance your stress.

Remove Stress with travel and long drive.

Spend a little time in alone to evaluate your days with what goes fine and worst. Write it down and evaluate, why for good and worst. Then discuss with your funny friends and family. You will find half of your stress and depression will vanish. And you can focus on your work with solutions.

Skill With More Solutions to One Problem

We all know for sure, that life never goes the way we want. Life will be problematic, when we fail to find out the solutions. Always remember never argue with problem. Instead always try to find out many way out of the problem with good solutions.

Finding more solution to a problem is one skill. Which need to develop within yourself. Finding solutions are more better way, when you are open to friends and family. Because they are the best elements who always help you to get out of the problems. Learn how to defeat a daily problems in a stylish way is ones best lifestyle.

Kindness Is The Best Lifestyle

Always be kind to your neighbor. Be cool always, that other may love your presence and approach. A kindness person, wins everywhere, whether they may fail professionally, because of there generous attitude. Always show your kindness to the needy one, which is always be your best lifestyle ever. A man and woman with kind heart are always welcome among the people. Because it is the power of humbleness.

Keep the good work always. Your day will be filled with blessing. Choosing the kind lifestyle, even God also will be impress with you. Because it will keep you growing with lot of blessings from the people.

Kindness is Lifestyle.